02/ Mentoring

__We have opportunities for you

02/ Mentoring

__We have opportunities for you

As a student in your final year, you are at a major crossroads in your life. A brand new professional identity lies ahead of you. Our mission is to support all students on this journey and help them kick-start their careers. That's why our mentoring team is always looking for the ideal match. Are you curious as to which company would suit you best? Don't hesitate to contact us and find out more!

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__Cronos is big! Let us help you find your way


Are you a promising student looking for a company to match with? Or do you want tips & tricks to kickstart your career? Let's have a chat!

Cronos is big and can help in many ways

Your internship

Having trouble finding the right company for an internship? Feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of possibilities? Contact us to find the perfect match!

Your first job

Are you fresh out of school and looking to start your first official job? Be sure to contact us for tips and tricks. We’ll help you out in your search for your first job.

Your thesis

Working on your thesis or school assignment and in dire need of expert input? No need to stress, let us help you get in touch with the right company.

/ The hackaton

__ Mentoring during The heist 2019

/ The hackaton

__ Mentoring during The heist 2019

Joining a hackathon means a walk in the coder park for the one person, but it can also mean a lot of stress, sweat and an alarming need for energy drinks for the other. Our advise: don't be afraid to ask questions.

Throughout the two days of hacking, more than 60 field experts will be present. We are 100% sure that you will meet a great number of epic people and companies who might have job opportunities for you. We even have a specialised team of mentors that can match you to the perfect company according to your preferences: internship, thesis, job ...

Hack The Future 2019
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